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My Story...My Why

I have been on a journey these past few years that has changed my ideas, beliefs, outlook, and ultimately - my life. 

Not all of my days are perfect by any means; however, my days are now filled with positive experiences and I am stretching myself in ways I never thought possible.

I grew up with a very strong work ethic and high expectations. I tried my best to give everything to my work and my family; leaving little for myself - I was exhausted and stuck in a never ending cycle. It took its toll on my outlook and overall wellbeing. 

Now, I can see how setting boundaries, giving myself permission to take care of myself, and improving my inner dialog not only impacts my relationships and career but creates a more peaceful me!

Blessings, Dena

Dena w pups Jan 2022_edited.jpg

I approach situations differently...

ultimately providing you better outcomes professionally and personally. 


Honestly, I am Living My Best Life!

The principles I coach on have integrated into my life and it has shown me how the right support can change the trajectory of our lives.


My personal journey through the Coaching Certification has allowed me to finally lose weight (have been stuck -thyroid issue), improve my outlook on life, and make better decisions.


I love helping people. Now working as an Empowerment Coach, I have the tools to really make a difference. 


Coaching is the piece I have been missing! 

On a side note:

My husband and I have raised three independent children who are now grown and living successful lives of their own.

Professional Journey...

Certified Health & Life Coach (2022) and Certified in Coach Mastery (2023) with Health Coach Institute.

Continued learning with Stacey Morgenstern, Carey Peters, Jennifer Grace, Tony Robbins, and other experts in this field. 


Local hospital Associate Wellness Department as Wellness Coordinator/lifestyle coach-Current. It was this opportunity that lead me to coaching.


Group Fitness Instructor-current. Past 20+ years, currently teach Power, Spin, and Centergy.


Director of Annual and Associate Support for hospital Foundation-previous (2 years).


Corporate Marketing for hospital (10+ years).


Plus other positions that helped shape & teach me.

I know the "90 Days To Live My Best Life" is what I want - I'm ready for my consult...

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