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6-week Life Goal Jump Start
Now that you have reclaimed your energy and
started having some fun again...


A 6-week program designed to help you make major progress towards an important area of your life - Your Next Life Goal/Project (ex: clearing the clutter, relationship building, etc.).

Now that you have reclaimed your energy and started having some fun again, perhaps you have identified a specific life goal that you want to accomplish, and you would welcome the support and accountability of coaching to help you get going with it. 

This 6-week program is designed to help you get clear about the goal and create an action plan to get you there/accomplish it.

Do you know what you want to accomplish but can’t seem to make progress/get started?

Need a little help to get your goals in motion?

Do you feel overwhelmed with too many things on your plate?

Would you like to get an action plan in place?

Would you like to have someone there for support to hold this space with you?

Would you like to feel accomplished by marking these off your “to do” list?

6-week Life Goal Jump Start


  • Create an action/game plan towards a life goal or project you care about

  • Take specific actions that will support you reaching this goal

  • Continue focusing on your priorities and needs

  • Enjoy ongoing support with accountability

  • Keep the momentum going and enjoy seeing your goal come to life.


  • Six 50-minute Personalized Support Sessions [via phone or Zoom]:  During each of these weekly sessions, we will celebrate your successes, work together to overcome obstacles, create new choices, and you’ll leave with clarity on your next steps.

  • Two 10-minute “Support/Rejoice” Calls:  when you might need a bit of support between regular sessions or to share a celebration [if desired].

  • Email and/or text access to me for quick celebrations or specific questions that may arise between our coaching sessions.

  • If you are a client of mine who has completed the 90 Days To Living Your Best Life you and you are ready to expedite your next project - I would love to continue our journey. Contact me.

Testimonial: "Thank you, Dena, for providing opportunities to share, connect, and to give me a sense of belonging." 

I know the "90 Days To Live My Best Life" is what I want - I'm ready for my consult...

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