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Client Testimonials

"I found myself low on motivation and in need of a game plan. Dena and I discussed the 90 day self-discovery transformation program. She let me know that this program would be different from anything I had tried in the past and she was right.


 Although food choices are still challenging, my energy is better; in fact I have made BIG improvements and I am moving better each day. In addition, there has been a BIG change in my thinking. I now realize the effects that my lifestyle was having on me.


I would recommend Dena, Health and Life Coach, to anyone who is feeling stuck and is ready to get control of their life again."



- Sharon S.

"Dena is an amazing coach! She provides tools for me to help me to get healthier. With each session, we build on the tools and habits with which she has enabled me. I look forward to our sessions and appreciate her loving investment in me. 


Dena's always positive attitude helps me to see myself in a better light and has especially helped me when I have had setbacks along the way. She encourages me to focus on the improvements that I have made and not on the setbacks. With the exercises we have completed together, I can visualize my future in a healthier, happier way."


 - Susan P.

I know the "90 Days To Live My Best Life" is what I want - I'm ready for my consult...

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