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90 Days to Live Your Best Life!
Feel better, be more productive, & improve your outlook...


I work with women 40 and older who see a vision of themselves that they want to bring to life.

  • It could be a vision that was put on hold while life took a different turn.

  • It could be the person you used to be before burnout, overwhelm, or life took over.

  • Or maybe it is a dream that you have never truly explored but know it is right for you and your time is NOW!


I hold space for my clients to take their vision and turn it into a reality in order to live their best life!

Offering simple tools to help you re-balance your priorities and reclaim your personal power -

Let me help you move into your new vision

90 Days to
Living Your
Best Life


  • Discover what areas in your life that you want more of (what you are longing for).

  • Learn simple techniques for finding energy throughout the workday so you have something left for yourself.

  • Understand what is currently getting in the way of creating the balanced life in which you no longer feel compelled to meet every expectation. 

  • Explore how your new found freedom can lead to new opportunities.


  • Twelve 50-minute Personalized Support Sessions [via phone or Zoom]: During each of these weekly sessions, we will celebrate your successes, work together to overcome obstacles, create new choices, and you’ll leave with clarity on your next steps.

  • Focused Exercises:  As I get to know you and your desires, you will utilize powerful exercises to support you in your journey.

  • Three 15-minute “Support/Rejoice” Calls:  for times when you might need a bit of support between regular sessions or to share a celebration [if desired].

  • Email and/or text access to me for quick celebrations or specific questions that may arise between our coaching sessions.


 Investment Options will be covered at time of initial consult.    

 (Payment Plans Available)

Testimonial: "Thank you, Dena, for providing opportunities to share, connect, and to give me a sense of belonging." 

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